Rotary Gear Pump :-

Reliable engineers are expertise in manufacturing of Rotary Gear Pumps, Design of pump is sturdy and parts are with long life, manufacturers & exporters Rotary Gear Pumps,

Our Brand “TOSS Pumps” Industrial Pumps &a

Special Features :-

  • Unidirectional flow designs.
  • Very high suction lifts & low noise level.
  • Single piece shaft supported by self lubricating bearings on both end for long life of pump.
  • Pulsation free continuous flow.
  • Compact & light weight.
  • Pulsation free continuous flow.
  • High volumetric & overall efficiency.

Application :-

  • Lubricating oils, fuels and all liquids which has lubrication properties.
  • Emptying barrels and tanks of oils.
  • Colour Dyes and Pigments
  • To increase fuel oil pressure for oil burner service and fuel injection pressure.
  • Pressure lubrication and cooling of bearings, oil circution through cooler, gear lubrications etc.
  • Material:- Body-Cl, Lobe-Sintered Iron, Shaft-En-8, Bush-Sintered Bronze.

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