Multistage Pump :-

Self Priming Multistage Pump:- (Boiler Feed Pumps) :-

Reliable engineers are expertise in manufacturing of Multistage Pumps, Design of pump is sturdy and parts are with long life, manufacturers & exporte

Product Description :-

Multistage Pump are in multi-stage single casing sectional horizontal construc-tion designed i for high-head pumping various kinds of liquids without solids, applicable to a wide range of tough and heavy circumstances.

Ideal for low & medium pressure applications of clean water or similar liquids in miming and municipal water supply and drainage. Liquid Temperature up to 80 degree (cast iron type)

  • Materials of construction, type of seals and the internal construction may vary according to specific liquid to be pumped.
  • Standard piping design in accordance with API610 and flange drilled to meet GB, DIN and ANSI Standards plans.
  • Sectional single casing construction, the suction casing, stage casing and discharge casing shall be tied together with tie-bolts and sealed with meta to meta surface sealing.
  • Soft packing as standard shaft sealing, external water cooling system designed for cooling of gland cover and stuffing box, Mechanical seal also available upon request.
  • The rotor shall be supported at both ends by slide or ball bearings that will be lubricated with either oil or grease and cooled by circulation water.
  • Pump shall be flexibly coupled with driving motor, clockwise rotation looking from motor side.
Centrifugal multistage pump & self priming multistage pump

Multistage Pump Performance Data :-

  • Capacity Range: 6 ~ 40 m3/h
  • Head Range: 10 ~ 400 m. Material
Material of construction :-
  • Suction Casing - C.I. Gr.
  • Discharge Casing - C.I. Gr.
  • Diffuser - C.I. Gr.
  • Stage Casing - C.I. Gr.
  • Impeller - C.I. Gr. / Bronze / SS
  • Shaft - C 45 / AISI 410
  • Shaft Protection Sleeve - C.I. Gr. / AISI 410
  • Bearing Housing - C.I. Grade
Product Description :-
  • Hydrolic Pressure / circuits-Transfer & circulation hot / cold water.
  • Fire fighting
  • Industrial Plant
  • Boiler feeding and condensate
  • pumping.
  • Booster Service.
  • Mine drainage.
  • Dust Precipitation.
  • Sprinkler System.
  • Water supply in hilly areas.
  • Multi Storage buildings.
  • In descaling equipments.
  • Washing equipments.

Vertical Inline Multistage Pumps:-

Features :-
  • Highly efficient hydraulics design
  • No expensive foundation required.-Easy installations, Small Floor Space.
  • Fabricated Components, Less Friction in System(Pressed Components).
Application :-
  • Can handle Liquids up to 120* C.
  • Boiler frrd, condensate transfer. - RO. DM plants.
  • Booster applications, Hydro pneumatic Systems, Fire fighting.
  • Industrial washing, coolant circulation.Sprinkler irrigation, etc.
  • Sealing :- Carbon - Ceramic, SC/SC,TC/TC
  • All wetted parts are of SS-304 / SS-316
  • Bushes:- Tungsten carbide Motor Support, Foundation base :- cast iron.

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