Flow Meter :-

Reliable engineers are expertise in manufacturing of Flow Meter, Design of pump is sturdy and parts are with long life, manufacturers & exporters Electromagnetic Flow Meter,

Our Brand “TOSS Pumps” Industrial Pumps & Centrifugal

Full Bore Type Electro Magnetic Flow Meter :-

  • Based on Faraday law of Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Excellent long-term stability no noise elimination.
  • Integral or Remote Transmitter Factory calibrated on accurate test rig as per ISO 4185.
  • Easy to installtion ,compact in size with more sensivity.
  • Coil Assembly in hermetically sealed Welded construction Acuracy 0.5 %
  • Various Types of Liners, PTFE, Polyurethane, Ebonite rubber, Neoprene Rubber.
  • Suitable for virtually all electrically conducting liquid
Insertion Type Electro Magnetic Flow Meter :-

An Ideal solution for water flow measurements in large diameter pipes

  • Available in different line sizes from 200 mm to 2000 mm
  • Measurement results are independent of density, viscosity ,Pressure, temperature, solid impurities & conductivity Variations (above 5 /cm)
  • Excellent long term stability using pulsed DC magnetization & auto zero technique
  • Best suited for irrigation and water supply departments, public service and utility departments

Application :-

  • Chemical, Petrochemical and
  • Food Industry
  • Drug Industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Dredging Industries
  • Water and Waste -Water
  • Management
  • and many others
  • Beverage Industries
  • Paper and Pulp Industries
  • Process Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Alumium Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Mining Industries

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