Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump :-

The Pumps are Stainless Steel centrifugal monobloc and bare
pumps (Coupled). These pumps are made from ss-304 or ss-316
sand casting. These pumps wetted pparts are of satinless steel and
widely used in chemical and process Industries. These pumps are
available from 0.25 HP to 15 HP. Head up to 90 meters and capacity
up to 3000 LPM. The Unique feature is best quality at
affordable price with minimum delivery period.

We offer a wide assortment of stainless steel centrifugal pumps,
which are extensively used in various engineering, fluid based
and other Industries for transporting of Acid, water, chemicals
etc. these pumps are acknowledged for high durability and flexibility.
as made from stainless steel casting. Innovatively
designed, these pumps ensure trouble free perfomance and
energy efficiency.


  • As all Pumps are made from sand Casting, mechanical properties are far superior. then sheet material.
  • Mono block Pump are ideal for small chemical transfer application.
  • Pump can handle liquid having viscositles up to 1000
  • centipolse.
  • Pumps are highly energy ef!cient and requires less NPSH to function without cavitation.
  • The Pumps can work under a vaccum of 720 mm of Hg, Suitable for vacuum evaporators.
  • Pumps are Available with closed / semi open impellers.
  • The best elastomers are used I n the pumps to provide optimum resistance for high temperatures and chemicals. Pumps are study indesign as made from sand casting


  • Alkaline Solution / Alcoholic Drinks.
  • Acids, Fine Chemicals
  • Bottling Plants, Soft Drinks & Distillery
  • ETP/STP Treatment Plants
  • Colour dyes and Pigments / Plants
  • Descalling Applications, Paper & Cement Industries
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Detergent , Soaps, Paste & Shampoo
  • Textile Sizing, Dyeing & Finishing Systems
  • Natural Cellulose Fiber / Synthetic Fiber System.
  • Hold & Cold Water Pumping.

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