Stainless Steel Self Priming Pump :-



  • All wetted parts of pumps are made from lost wax process (investment casting), so excellent surface
  • finish. smooth flow path/ hydraulic passage and no casting defects like blow holes, cracks etc.
  • Centripetal / regenerative impeller for better suction
  • Pumps will be normally available in CF-8m /CF-8 (Gun metal, Alloy-20)and also in other material as per customers requirements.
  • Single /multistage pumps to handle crystal clear liquids for high pressure duties.
  • Very quick priming, no need of foot valves
  • Very high suction capacity up to 8 meters without much noise.
  • Various types of sealing arrangements as per customers liquid characteristics. Normally fitted with sic/sic seal faces with teflon cup and wedge.
  • Pumps are available in monoblock and in bare type also with flameproof motor. All motors are of "TEFC" type
  • Pump can be offered with electro polishing.
  • Able to handle temperature up to 80 C
  • Trolley mounted available.
  • Also available with 110 Volt / 60 Hz.
  • Custom built pumps available.


  • All clear liquids without solid suspensions like diesel, petrol, lpg, oil, solvents, syrup, dm water, chemicals, steam boiler feeding, evacuation of condensate water, boosting of pressure, as a drum/barrel pump.

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