Poly Propylene Centrifugal Pump :-



  • Water treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Filter Press for dyes and Chemicals
  • Fertilizer Plants Thermal and atomic power plants
  • Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Descaling of Tubes
  • Scrubbing of corrosive gases like Cl2, Br, I, So2, Nh3, F2 Etc.
  • Excellent for Vacuum ejectors.
  • Transfering of concentrated HCL from road tankers.
  • Paper & Pulp Industries
  • Picking in Steel rolling mills.
  • Caustic soda Plants : Chlorinted Brine, Conc. HCL, Dilute H2SO4 etc.
  • PHOSPHORIC Acid Plants : H3PO4, H2SO4, HF and their mixture with or without solid (gypsum) up to 40% conc.
  • Gas Washing Plants : Scrubbed Liquids containing Cl2, Br2, F2, I2, So2, So3, Co2, Nh3, Gases tec. with solids replace Hast Alloy.
  • Rayon Plants : Sspin bath solution (H2SO4, ZNSO4, NASO4 etc.) Electro Plating


  • CASING : Top Centerline discharge and Integrated flanges, Single piece, joint less casing formed out of Injection molded polypropylene / PVDF / UHMWPE.
  • IMPELLER : Hydraulicaly balanced and accurately matched to casing profile, the semi open type impeller with particle shroud and glass finished smooth flow passage ensure high efficiency low NPSH Perfomance Impeller made from compressor molded polypropylene PVDF / UHMW.
  • SHAFT : The Shaft is made from SS 304 preotected by shaft sleeve of alloy-20 or alumina field Teflon or ceramic.
  • BEARING HOUSING : Made from heavy duty graded casting.
  • BEARING : SKF Ball Bearing
  • MECHANICAL SEAL : Rotary part of seal is made from glass field Teflon & Stationary part of seal is made from high alumina field ceramic.
  • DISTANCE PIECE : Heavy duty one piece injection molded poly propylene.


  • Head Up To : 60 mtrs
  • Pump Size : 25 mm to 150 mm
  • Capacity : 180 M3/hr
  • Speed : 1440/2880 rpm at 50 HZ & 1750/3500 rpm at 60 HZ
  • Temperature : up to 110 c

  • PP 50 TO 80c
  • PPH 90 TO 100c
  • PVDF 100 TO 115c

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