Poly Propylene Magnetic Pump :-

Series RMD : Seal less Magnetic Drive

pumps in PP & PVDF construction

  • These pumps are 100% Leak Proof Magnetic Drive pumps. There is no shaft seal used and the impeller is provided the rotation with the help of Magnetic drive. High Power permanent rare earth Magnets are used in magnetic drive arrangement which gives high mechanical efficiency with zero slippage. 
  • These pumps are 100% Leak Proof and ideally suitable for handling corrosive chemicals, toxic and fuming liquids, acids, electroplating chemicals, dyes, solvents, petrol, kerosene, pharmaceutical and food syrups etc.
All RMD Magnetic Drive Pumps are available in Monoblock type only with Std TEFC motor and Flame Proof motors

  • Material of Construction : Poly Propylene Glass filled , PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
  • Operating Temp : PP upto 80 deg C. PVDF upto 110 deg C


  • 100% Leak Proof/seal less Pump.
  • Zero Leakage Corrosion Resistance.
  • User Friendly & Energy Saving.
  • Easy Maintenance & standard Spares.
  • Simple Reliable and Sturdy Monoblock.
  • Magnetic Drive Ensures 100% Leak Proof.
  • No Shaft Seal To Wear Or Replace.
  • Friction Free Operation For Reduced Power Consumption.
  • Easy To Maintain Simple Centrifugal Open Impeller.
  • Design Long Life, Reliable And Trouble Free operation.

  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Textile Processing & Dying
  • Electroplating Idustries
  • Agitation De scaling Of Refrigeration
  • Water Processors

  • Capacity from 10 LPM upto 750 LPM
  • Head upto 40 mtrs.
  • Moc in PP, SS-316 & PVDF
  • Special Pumps for high temp upto 150 C

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