Screw Pump :-


The main components which characterize the pump are a metalic single helical rotary part
ROTOR and fixed double helical resilient polymer part STATOR in which the rotor turns and
thereby a comlex progressive sealing line (cspl) is maintainined. While the rotor rotates
inside the stator, the cavities formed between them progresses from suction to discharge end
gently carrying the media.


DIRECT drive lectric motor, geared motor, gear box,
Mechanical Speed Variator, Eddy Current DC Drive,
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Petrol & Diesesl Engines.
For accurate and variable flow rates, AC Variable
fequenc Drives can be used.


Flow Rate : UP TO 400M3/Hr
Differential Pressure 24 Bar
Viscosity : UP TP 1,00,000 cst
Temperature : UP TO 150 C
Suction Lift : 8 meter Max


Housing Parts : AISI304, AISI316, AISI316L
Rotor & Shaft : AISI304, AISI316, AISI316L
Stator : NBR, HNBR, EPDM, CSM, Q
white, food grade, abrasion resistant & high
temperature resistant variants.

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