Lobe Pump :-

A Range of High Quality Hygienic Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pumps for use in the food Process Industries


  • These Pumps are meant for High Mechanical Efficiency means less energy Consumptions, Lower Cost Smaller Motors, Lower Drive Costs.
  • Easy-Clean pump of head which is ideal for in place cleaning, or can be rapidly stripped for manual cleaning, without disconnecting the pipe work.
  • Positive, Uninterrupted Displacement by specially designed rotors creates a steady, gentle pumping action which does not shear, agitate or aerate the product.
  • Pumping chambers are without pockets or crevices to harbor bacteria or contaminants. No Contact between moving parts and no internal bearings in the pump head.
  • Solid Stainless steel , ASI 316 quality, pump head, rotors and shafts.Food quality rubber covered and plastic rotors are also available.
  • Robust, Cast Iron gear case enclosing oil Lubricated rolling bearings are precision timing gears.
  • Generous distance separating the pump head from the gear case.
  • End Connection / Port Flanged / Threaded - Customized.


- Dairy :
Cream, Milk, Cheese, Curd & Whey, Cottage, Cheese, Yogurt, Margarine, Butter
- Bakery :
Batters, Flavorings, Frostings,Fruit Fillings, Fat & Oil, Sweeteners, Yeast Slurry Dough.
- Meat Packing :
Meat-Emulsions, Ground Meat, Pet Foods, Extracts, Minced Meat, Sausage Meat.
- Beveraage :
Beer, Wort, Yeast,Alcohols & Wines soft Drinks, Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Drinks,Essences.
- Pharmaceutical :
Pill Pastes, Syrup, Slurries, Extracts, Latex Emulsion.
- Canning :
Tomato Paste, Fruit Paste, Cream Style, Vegetables, Slurries, Puddings, Jams, Jellies, Salads Dressings, Maynonnaise, Baby Foods, Soups, Stews.
- Confectionery :
Syrups, Cream Fillings, Chocolates, Coffee caramel.
- Cosmetics :
Heand 7 Face Creams, Lotion Shampoos, Dyes, Alcohols, Essential Oils.


  • Manual Control By-pass
  • Relief Valve
  • Jacked Rotor case
  • Electric Heating Tapes
  • Trolley

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